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Bring Your Own Device

Wifi BYOD Management for Schools & More!

Introducing SchoolWifi.net!

A School District BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Management Solution that makes the wireless network accessible and the students accountable!

What Is SchoolWifi.net?

SchoolWifi.netSchool administrators need to make the internet available while being able to track student activities. For this reason, Bailey Communications developed our SchoolWifi.net application.

SchoolWiFi.net is a web based application that allows students to request use of a school’s WiFi network. Students are put on a separate isolated network. This gives the network administrator the ability to control bandwidth utilization, virus outbreaks, and abuse. Students submit their request about the devices they will be using on the network. While they're submitting their request they also give us information about the devices they will be using on the network and upload a photo of themselves for verification.

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The registration process also educates the user on the school's internet policies and quizzes them to ensure they fully understand the rules while using the network.

The SchoolWifi.net is mobile and desktop compatible. The set up has been engineered to make the process of adding new network users fast and secure.

SchoolWifi.net authenticates devices based on their MAC address and does not require Microsoft Device CAL’s.

Bailey Communications manages the registration of new users. Registration management also includes removing graduating seniors and withdrawn students. There is little to no work on the district’s end. Registration website can be easily linked from district homepage.

For more information about SchoolWifi.net, get in touch with Bailey Communications for a demonstration!

Application Screenshots

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